The 5-Day Unleash The Health Paragon Whatsapp Class

Understand exact mechanism that Me & My Clients learned and applied to Overcome Health Problems related to day-to-day Burnout without medications, diet & exercise routines.

(Transform your Image of Health to Real World without Complex  Therapies & Routines)

Join the Group of People Who Have Been Able to Conquer and Win over their Health Problems in just a few Weeks

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Here’ s how you are going to ‘Unleash The Health Paragon’ in the 5-day Whatsapp Class:

Day 1:

What is Health – For You? What is your Picture of Health? Let’s discover as this will give you a clear outcome  to work for. Also avail the first bonus lecture of the mind body connection today.

Day 3:

Identify your Restricting Thought patterns or Limiting Beliefs and learn to overcome them. Accompanied by third bonus lecture on connection of Mind, Body, Immunity and Disease. Also get a Bonus Visualization.

Day 2:

Identify your own patterns that might be pre-disposing you for disease or restricting you from going towards Health. Also available is the second bonus lecture on mind body connection.

Day 4:

This is the day when we will implant some positive beliefs in our subconscious related to Life & Health. Today’s Bonus lecture will put some light on relation between Beliefs and Health

Day 5: Health NLP Intro & Subconscious Re-imprinting

Implanting Your picture of Health in your sub-conscious.

Learn what is NLP and how it can help you in reviving from your diseased state and achieve the state of Health, which can help you achieve all you want to have in your life

Discover how you can reach the peak state of Physical and Mental Health just by…

The Power of Intention

Powerful Health Visualization

10X your Mind-body Healing Capacity

Program your brain to achieve the Health Oriented Outcome

Register before October 31, 2020 to
Unlock bonuses worth INR 22,197/-


BONUSES: You will be entitled to receive with this 5-days Whatsapp Course: ONLY FIRST 50 ENROLLMENTS

# BONUS 1: The Mind-Body Connection: Learn the synchronization of a small part of brain and how it controls the big world around us. (Lectures included in course) Value of this Full Course is INR 3,999/-

# BONUS 2: The NLP Health Mastery Audiopack, Powerful NLP Visualizations for Re-imprinting your Sub-conscious for Health, worth INR 1,999/- (FREE)

Health NLP Audiopack

# BONUS 3: The Mind-Body Health Triangle E-book: This 20-page e-book will give you an basic understanding of your Present State and your Picture of Health and how to reach there clearly and simply with the help of a triangle model, worth INR 199/- (FREE)

The MBH Triangle

# BONUS 4: Free Udemy Courses: NLP Orientation & Basics of Be Charismatic, worth INR 16,000/- (FREE)

Ashish Nagar NLP
Ashish Nagar NLP

# BONUS 5: Free NLP Health FAQs E-book – Know about NLP Health and some frequently asked questions to me in this regards (FREE)

Ashish Nagar NLP

Register before October 31, 2020 to
Unlock bonuses worth INR 22,197/-








Ashish Nagar is the creator this New Method of Physical-Mental Healing – Unleash The Health Paragon – that helps people overcome their health issues, physical – mental pains and problems in as low as 4 hours. He is also creator of the Quickest Health attaining formula – The Mind-Body Health Triangle using which anybody can change the state of illness to a state of Optimum Health.

Over the past 1 year, Ashish has got over 50,000+ enrollments in his 9 Udemy Courses and has treated many people suffering from pain & illness, with his dynamic method of Treatment & NLP Health combination.

Since years I have helped people overcome Physical Pain and dysfunction as a Physical therapist, till a point where I understood and was confirmed that these physical pains are not only physical, they also had a component of stress, anxiety or depression in it. I struggled to prove this concept until was introduced to NLP and Psychoneuroimmunology concepts.


As I have worked in rehabilitation of various diseases, disabilities and ailments I have ample of experience to believe and affirm that if a person is Mentally not free from dis-ease, physically he wont be free of the suffering and pain. This gave me a motto of – “Stress free mind, Disease free body!”. The desire to help people from within & empowering them, needs no further motivation and/or external push to perform what is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(?) When will the Class Start?

The class will start on Monday, 2nd November, 2020 till Friday


(?) How long will be the lecture?

The lecture will be of 1 hour in length daily. Will be a bit longer on the last day.


(?) Will the course be live or pre-recorded?

Great Question,

It will be mostly pre-recorded and will be delivered on daily basis. You will be receiving notification of release of lecture on the private Whatsapp group daily.


(?) What will be the timings?

Like mentioned above, everyday you will receive a video at 5:30 PM & you can watch anytime you want, throughout the day.

I would insist you to sit with a pen and paper as daily activities are assisted with daily worksheets too.


(?) How long will I be able to access the course?

Please remember this is a timed class and not an online course, so you wont be able to get a lifetime access to the course.

But, we understand that you might want some more time to absorb the information, so you will be having access to the class till one more week after the course completes.


(?) What about the validity of access to Bonus gifts?

As a token of thanks, these gifts will be having lifetime access for you. You refer them as per your convenience.


Will I be getting instant relief from Pain or the Health problem I’m suffering from?

Well, this class guarantees no ‘Quick Relief’, but it depends on your understanding of the concept & its application to your condition.

If you could grasp the basics well, of how to heal with this method, you will be ableto heal any of your existing health problem.


(?) What if I need further help?

You can contact me on any of the contact numbers from the private whatsapp group admins. you can also leave me a personal e-mail for any further help at [email protected] with “REF: 2 Nov WA Class” in subject line.


(?) When will I get the Bonuses?

You will be receiving the bonuses on the last day of the Whatsapp Class after submission of Feedback Form at +91 6355 957 282

Thanks for taking the time to read the Page.


You can see, you are, right now, getting this 5-Day Whatsapp Class along with Free bonuses worth Rs. 22,197/-  only if you register before 31 October, 2020, for just INR 199/- which is less than what you pay for a hair-cut!

Enjoy it.

Like I said in the beginning,

This will be a Game-changer for your Life, if you want to get robust health leaving behind you nagging and irritating health issues, you want to get rid off…

Enjoy, and Stay Healthy Always,


Ashish Nagar


P.S.: In case you are one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the page


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Register before October 31, 2020 to
Unlock bonuses worth INR 22,197/-