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Hi, I am Ashish Nagar...

Thanks for joining me…

Let me start with a random question, “How many of you are joining me for the first time!” Oh many….

I keep thinking that I’m famous, but this makes it obvious….

Anyway, I`m happy that I can be here with you and that I am able to share some great things with you without wasting your time.

I feel a major responsibility, as a Instructor/Resource person/Youtuber (IRY), or resource person here on this channel/Course/Program (CCP) is to give you your Time’s worth. I feel that you should get full value for the time you spend watching my videos, because I believe that Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you can’t get more time.

If I ask you to spend some money on some good thing, that should not be a problem if it is pleasurable. But, if I tell you to spend a day, and you really wouldn’t waste your day. I can’t, I can’t afford it. I am investing time here with you and I want you to feel that you have invested this time and not wasted it!

Secondly, Maybe I may not be in flow in starting, I may not be that impressive in my presentation, I may not be a versatile speaker, but I assure you to stay till the end. Because I am sure that I have something to share with you that will definitely add value to you, to your life and to your personality. So, stay with me till the end. That’s a request.

So, let’s start, with…

As you all are joining me for the first time, I would very briefly like to share my story with you, I belong to a small village in Gujarat, and yes my father is a doctor, who in his youth selected to move to this small place so that he could serve the community in that small tribal area, in spite of the fact that at those times Surgeon was a high demanding profession in many big cities also.

He’ll be 78 and has still not retired. And when I said him Dad, it’s time to retire, he said well, I am already living a retired life, because I love my job. Mother was also a house-wife who raised three of us very tactfully. I love my parents.

I had a difficult situation since childhood, those were my eyes. I was having short-sightedness and with a lot of of numbers in front of my eyes, in my glasses, then my test papers. So, I was depressed and decided to quit studies, but, a strong support and motivation from my family and friends, I managed to move forward and pass my plus two.


Having a power of -12.25 Rt/-12.75 Lt. I decided not to enrol in medicine and took Physical therapy as my choice of further education. At that point of time I was exposed to The Art of Living, Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar’s guidance which helped me sustain the psychological strength, I learned REIKI, Numerology, Palm Reading, Crystal Healing, Meditation and what not. That actually helped me shape myself and my beliefs.

Six months of training after Physical therapy, I stayed with a revered friend of my Dad, Mr. C. J. Dave, a professor of Statistics, and most evening we were listening to one or the other philosophical discourses and had many discussions about religion and philosophy. He was my first mentor, who made me believe in the truth about our scriptures and how actually our mind works. We read Bhagavat Geeta together and many more philosophies and discussed for hours. He was my first teacher in minimalistic leaving.

I did my Physical therapy in 2001 and Post-graduate in 2005, got married in 2006, and with my married life I started my actual professional life also as a Physiotherapist with this beautiful lady, my wife, Hesha, who has always been supportive unconditionally to me, whatever I have done so far.

As we all have been continuously taught, life is full of struggles, so was the feeling as we ploughed our way through passing years. There were hardships, loss of job, physical traumas, Eyesight related problems, and many more.


All and all we reached a stage where we degraded ourselves because we just became more and more comfortable in less. In spite of the knowledge, capacity and skills, I underestimated, degraded myself. 

We many a times leave a constrained life, not because we deserve it, but because We have responsibilities, situations and circumstances shaping our life, and we fail or deny to take risks.

In, 2016 father was detected with a type of rare cancer, renal amyloidosis, that was a phase where I was actually settling down in my career and my stability in professional and family life, and with this incident I have to move to Ahmedabad in Gujarat in 2017, leaving behind my hard earned rapport and faith that I gathered in ten years in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Just because my father wanted us to do that, we were in a place where we were connected but in Identity Crisis.

Here, I was, sitting home for more than 6 months, jobless, because I was over experienced and under educated. Over experienced as having more than 11 years of experience as HOD and under-educated as having no experience in academics.

From people whom I adore, I respect, I expect I was having no help, no understanding, no concern rather knowingly or unknowingly I got comments that left me feeling more depressed and pathetic then absence of job left me. From people whom I expected to support, I heard no call. By the grace of God, got a job in a college where my college friend worked as an AP and even there, I tried to justify it completely for almost 2 years.

One fine day, I got a realization, “Ashish, what have you done to your life? For whom? On the basis of what?” I just got back to my college day, the day of my graduation and thought, what were the dreams, what was the energy, what life did I see there? And what am I doing now? What am I believing now? And I graded myself on a scale of 10 about what dream, I had and what I had achieved since 2006 to 2019? And my mind said “1/10”, in fourteen years, I was “1/10” in my own conscience.

At this point of time, I came across a random advertisement about a free introductory course about NLP. I recalled I came across this term in 2001, but thought its some sort of business training and left it then and there only.

Anyway, that 4 hours of workshop, summed up my thinking, my personality, my questions, my complaints and my Passion.

That talk by Mr. Ram Verma, about Life and Health NLP, almost gave me an answer to my “1/10” score. Then the 5 days’ workshop on NLP techniques and then the 15 days NLP Practitioner and coach training under Ram Verma Sir, I could proudly say that he is my Mentor for 21st century.

I realized that I don’t have to die with my limitations, I don’t have to die with my guilt, it’s not the end of my life because I have not yet lived even for a day towards my CALLING, my PASSION.

And I Stood up, I firmly decided, I need to realize my potential and share all that I have got and more to add, if needed to affect people’s lives more then what I am presently doing as AP or a Physical therapist alone.

Actually, I had a gut feeling about mind body connection of disease since I started practicing as a PT, and we, I and my wife, who also happens to be a physio, often discussed that there’s more to the Pain that people present to us then only the physical component.

Gradually as I collected more and more information about NLP, Tony Robbins’ NAC and PNI actually got me connected to the understanding that there is much more to do with the Mental and Psychological state of your brain and the way we train them, than only the pathological and physical components as being taught in medical curriculum.

Further digging in the concept directed me to effects of Stress, Anxiety and Depression and their role in origins of diseases in day-to-day life which are now being studied under Psychoneuroimmunology.

So, at last I found where I have to help people with, that Psycho-somatic, i.e. mental problem and physical or physiological presentation, is true and can have great effect on our physical as well as mental well-being.

Here where my journey as NLP Therapist and Coach and a true healer begun and had brought me here.

So, join me now for this life changing methodology which is a combination of Physical treatments for physical counterpart of Psycho-somatic and the Subconscious Neurological Transcription® for the mental or psychological component of Psycho-somatic.

The realization that, “life is making a difference, not just existing” is the core sense of LIFE where you can live fully and add value to life of others.

I welcome you to this new world of Physical and mental fitness, through a miraculous combination of time-tested therapies for your best advantage and to help you live your life as the King of your own empire.

Welcome to: “NLP Subliminal Re-scripting” by Ashish Nagar.

Awareness, Decision, Action!


I believe that just becoming aware about our present state and the place we want to go,is the first requirement of willingness to change. 

Just realizing that something needs to be changed in order to Upgrade our present version is the starting point to New You!


Once identified the need to change, leads to realization of What needs to be changed and Why?

The very moment you realize what needs to be changed and Why? You take the Power, the Control in your hand.

Now it’s up to you to change or not to change!


Now, What needs to e changed,why it needs to be modified is clear. Decide, How it must be changed?

Find out a role model, an example who has done that; research how and what did he do to let the change happen!

Model and apply similar strategies and take Massive Action!!

Ashish Nagar NLP
Ashish Nagar NLP
Ashish Nagar NLP

Ashish Nagar: NLP Transformation & Wellness Coach